Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Linus updates!

Linus has learned how to do stairs!! This is a huge feat for him. I had been carrying him up and down for almost 3 days. I had tried to coax him both up and down to no avail. He finally decided that he needed to check things out upstairs himself. I left him in the backyard while I ran inside the clinic and freaked when I came back out and I didn't see him. I looked up the stairs and there he was with both of my dogs looking so proud of himself. Now he runs/trips up and down them anytime we are outside. We also went for his first leash walk around the neighborhood at 5am yesterday morning. I figured since I was up and it was warm why not try it and see how he did. Well, he did awesome!!! Only got scared once when a big truck drove by. He is getting braver by the day!!!-Ellen

Linus getting a bath, the first night they arrived